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So you’ve learned how to peel and stick our range of revolutionary INMOULD graphics for rotational moulding systems, but what about getting rid of the adhesive residue that’s often left behind?


Read on for our easy step-by-step ‘spray & scrape’ process to make sure that your rotomoulded parts are left squeaky clean following the application of any INMOULD graphic.

How to clean adhesive residue from rotomoulded parts


First of all, you’ll need a graphic adhesive remover – we recommend PSI Brand Graphic Adhesive Remover, which will ensure the complete removal of any adhesive residue from your plastic surfaces or moulds, and can be purchased from us directly.


In addition, you’ll need a plastic squeegee – these handy accessories can be used for all kinds of INMOULD and POSTMOULD graphics, as well as vinyl decal applications, and can also be purchased from us at PSI Brand.


Spray the adhesive residue with your graphic adhesive remover, and allow 10 seconds for the cleaner to react with the residue. Then, use a hard plastic squeegee to scrape across the surface at a sharp 45 degree angle, cleaning the squeegee with a cloth after each pass. Finally, polish away any remaining residue with a clean cloth.


Although it was developed for the purpose of cleaning rotomoulded parts, this technique can also be used to clean the mould surface itself.

Where to learn more

For more quick tips and training for INMOULD graphics, we have a range of educational videos on our website that will help you get the most out of our range of INMOULD graphic solutions.


PSI Brand has also launched an online training portal where you can learn all about our revolutionary INMOULD and POSTMOULD graphic products. Our training portal will help you learn how to brand plastics with confidence through a professionally developed, three stage training process. You can access this on our website to get started straight away