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Aquayak is an Australian kayak manufacturer based in Campbellfield, Victoria that supplies kayaks and accessories to sporting and recreation stores across the country. They’ve chosen PSI Brand as their supplier of permanent graphics, to help their brand stand out in store and on the water.

What graphics suit rotomoulded kayaks?

When Harris Plumbing wanted ten promotional kayaks decorated with their own branding, they approached Aquayak for the challenge. Paul, a partner at Aquayak, enlisted the help of PSI Brand’s innovative permanent graphics for rotational moulding, and was able to provide for Harris Plumbing’s request using PSI Brand’s ability to produce customised small orders of permanent INMOULD graphics.

Why use INMOULD?

INMOULD is best for marine equipment and other rotationally moulded parts that are subject to harsh and abrasive conditions, due to their hardy, flexible construction, UV resistance and long-lasting finish.


Plus, thanks to the innovative peel and stick application method, it’s one of the most user-friendly graphics with abrasion resistance and a high level of durability that’s suitable for virtually any environment.

Aquayak’s testimonial

Dan, the Marketing Manager for PSI brand took the time to catch up with Paul to hear about his experience.


According to Paul, the team at Aquayak loves the way that PSI Brand looks outside the box when coming up with creative solutions, particularly when it comes to in-mould graphics for kayaks, and that they have every bit of confidence in PSI Brand’s ability to turn around graphics that meet their clientele’s specific requirements quickly and to the highest standard. To see a concept turned into a physical component within a two-week period is the height of great customer service, and that’s what PSI Brand is all about!


Something that Aquakayak particularly appreciates about PSI Brand’s unique approach to permanent branding for plastics is their great level of offerings in custom branding, allowing clients to put their own logo on their kayaks and thus setting them apart from their competitors. PSI Brand agrees that there are huge opportunities in the rotational moulding industry to offer custom branding services, which would help them to break into a new marketplace.


With their solution focused approach, PSI Brand aims to help rotational moulders get the best out of their product and obtain the highest value for it. In Paul’s words, this is “as simple as picking up the phone” – each of PSI Brand’s rotomoulding clients has a dedicated account manager that can listen to what they need to achieve, and will then provide a range of solutions and price variations that best suit their client’s requirements – and let’s not forget impressively fast lead times!


All in all, Paul sums up Aquayak’s experience with PSI Brand as “quality, customer service, and fantastic turnarounds”, which we think is pretty spot on!

Training for rotomolders

If you’re interested in learning more about what PSI Brand has to offer, we’ve launched an online training portal where you can learn all about our revolutionary graphic solutions and develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence. To get started with our professionally developed, three step training process, register for free today and start your journey towards becoming PSI Certified.


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