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Our products are designed to endure

the lifetime of your product.

Check out which one suits your needs.

INMOULD graphics are simply applied onto the interior surface of the mould and become permanently embedded into the surface of your product during the moulding cycle. Our customers tell us this our most popular graphic due their easy application.

Hardy, flexible, opaque colour, Peel-and stick application & solid white backing material, great for indoor and outdoor applications where UV resistance and long last brand awareness is key.

Constantly pushing the limits PSI Brand are proud to launch a new strain of permanent branding, INMOULD X-TREME. Combining all the benefits of the popular ‘easy-peel’ application system they have developed something that truly sets new boundaries featuring fully transparent PE composition boasting extra abrasion and flame resistant capabilities.

We offer the shortest lead-times and cater for small or large quantities. Send us your graphic artwork confirming dimensions, colours and quantities and we’ll revert with a recommendation within 24 hours.

Our POSTMOULD graphics are an ideal option for applying branding, barcodes, numbering or any other design to existing plastic products. A great solution for stock product, large water tanks or where in mould graphics are not an option.

POSTMOULD graphics are applied using a heat and burnishing process and become permanently embedded onto the surface of your product. Large tank manufacturers tell us these graphics are the best option for their branding.

In addition to our permanent graphics for plastics, we offer a tough alternative for those one-off post applications. Our high-performance decals feature the toughest vinyl, the strongest inks and an aggressive adhesive typically required for painted  metal, fiberglass, galvanized, powder coated and plastic surfaces. We developed this product because permanent graphics aren’t  the fix for all applications.

Send us your graphic artwork confirming dimensions, colours and quantities and we’ll revert with a recommendation within 24 hours.

Are PSI Brand graphics recyclable?

In short, yes. All graphics by PSI Brand are 100% recyclable, which means you do not need to cut out post-mould or in-moulded graphics before recycling your part.

Please join the R4R program today, to further promote sustainability in rotomoulding

Which file format do we have to supply artwork in?

For quoting, a picture in .jpg or .tiff is fine. For printing we prefer original vectored artwork supplied in one of the following file formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr or .pdf. 

Are Permanent Graphics Worth Investing In?

Absolutely if your brand is important to you! Other alternatives are cheap vinyl stickers, which peel, fade and chip off plastic surfaces, or completely disappear.

If you wish to establish long lasting brand and product recognition, which is important for any strong brand, the systems we offer will prove invaluable to you time after time, year in year out!

Do your graphics work on hot moulds?

Certainly. The INMOULD graphics can be applied to virtually any mould temperature; from cold to very hot (approx 100°C or 212°F).

What limits do you have with colour?

In short, very few! We utilise both screen and digital print processes, incorporating CMYK Photo finish, spot colours from the PANTONE Colour system and a range of metallics.

Printing with half-tones at 65dpi+ allows us to achieve drop-shadows, colour gradients and special effects. 

Where do I start, I don’t have any artwork?

Let us design your graphic. Email or fax a picture and one of our graphic artists can redraw this for you.