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Carry-Mate transport, deploy, and retrieve electric fence standards

CARRY-MATE is a lightweight and durable plastic solution for transporting, deploying and retrieving electric fence standards. It allows farmers, equestrians and life style block owners to safely carry up to 24 electric fence standards at a time and most electric fence reels.

 The inception of this CARRY-MATE started with DNA Lifestyle Products identifying the frustration that many farmers suffered with the handling of electric fence standards. They wanted a safer and easier solution so they took this ?seed? to IDEA Developments Ltd who offer a holistic approach to product design and manufacture with over 25 years of experience locally and internationally. IDEA, (Industrial Design Engineering Answers), has been involved with design of products ranging from lawnmowers to ice-hockey helmets, ?creating products from ideas? is their motto.

Another key component to CARRY-MATE was the manufacturer

Stallion Plastics Limited, who since 1980 have been involved in the design, tooling, manufacture and distribution of a range of rotationally moulded plastic products, focusing primarily on the agricultural market. Their own products include a huge range of feeding equipment for calves, lambs, chickens pigs and horses.


They are also known as one of the largest rotational moulding companies in Playground Equipment in New Zealand. With 4 computerised rotational machines providing quality products to domestic and international clients, exporting to over 10 countries, they?ve become well known and recognised as leaders in the development and manufacturing of complex plastic rotationally moulded products.

The Solution 

Permanent Graphics

Stallion played a huge part when it came to bringing this dream to reality and recommended PSI Brand?s permanent graphics for CARRY-MATE because of their vivid, opaque colours. Their own products have featured PSI Brand Graphics for over 20 years proving their reliable performance and UV Stability in the field.