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The Love NZ Brand Study

The Brand Problem

New Zealand is known for its clean green branding, so for Environment Minister at the time, Trevor Mallard, the launch of ‘Love NZ – Recycle with care’ was sure to be a winner for this tourist driven country. 

The brand was developed to clearly mark recycling facilities nationwide, with an ambitious goal to have 600 recycling bins installed in tourist areas throughout New Zealand by 2010.  

Tourism Minister Damien O’Connor exclaimed that not only will initiatives such as this one protect our environment, they will also contribute to our ultimate goal for the sector – sustainable tourism. The initiative was fast picked up by businesses, such as recycling bin suppliers and manufacturers, one such being Stallion Plastics in Palmerston North.  

As a plastic roto molder, Stallion Plastics knew that the branding and instructions on any plastic bins would need to be very clear, vibrant, and extremely strong to last a lifetime. 

 The use of a highly visible and durable graphic labelling technique was needed to enhance the visual impact of the Love NZ branding as well as withstand the rigours of public use and harsh UV exposure that NZ typically offers, with a daytime index often exceeding 11, in peak summer. Sticky labels or screen printing simply do not fulfil the stringent requirements for rotomoulded PE, and Stallion Plastics knew such methods are quick to become unstuck. 

The Brand Solution

As a chosen manufacture of the green rotational moulded plastic bins, Stallion Plastics turned to PSI Brand, for help with this branding challenge. 

Given the complexity of the product shape, texture and positioning of the brand, the chosen solution was INMOULD Original graphics.

PSI Brand were able to assist by recommending not only the graphic type, but also provide a small custom run of graphics allowing prototype mouldings to prove the system before going to production, providing a quick resolve for a challenging application. 

NZs drink-container recycle bins are filling up around the country, easily identified by their bright green Love NZ branding and easy-to-read instructional permanent INMOULD graphics by PSI Brand. As a result of careful planning, quality moulding and vibrant graphics, they will continue to look good and promote recycling for many years to come. 


Stallion Plastics Testimonial

Bruce Reid of Stallion Plastics stated, “We have worked with PSI Brand on numerous projects and found that they have the expertise and enthusiasm to carry a project of this importance to a successful conclusion. PSI assisted with the design as well as the production of these prominent, informative graphics for these special recycling bins. Their dedication and professionalism helped us get to market in record time”. 

This further endorsed by Tourism Minister Damien O’Connor who said, “the recycling initiative will not only help protect the environment, one of the areas of focus in the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015, but it will also enhance our image as a clean green, 100% Pure New Zealand”. 

Permanently Tough, Permanently Good Looking – Brilliant

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