Mission Kayaks

Why Mission Kayaks could
not resist PSI Brand

For Patrick, Production manager at Mission Kayaking NZ, switching to PSI Brand was a choice based on pure benefit.

PSI came on board and they seemed to fit their business model around us which was fantastic! If you want hear the full story from Patrick and how you can also benifit from using PSI Brand, view Patrick’s testimonial as recorded on our webinar;

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Why PSI Brand

Patrick had 4 key reasons
he chose to use PSI Brand

  • PSI offered stock holding options and provided us with a better bargaining position
  • They’ll do small Runs, this allows us to go out to the market with an offering that previously wasn’t viable.
  • We required a really robust product you have no production losses prior to putting the graphic on.
  • We needed really short lead times and responsiveness to our production requirements.