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PLASTAX Brand Study

A conversation with Freddy Farquhar

In 1998, Bruce Farquhar fueled by passion and innovation and armed with his expertise in rotational molding, along with his wife Maree, established BB & MC Farquhar, trading as PLAST-AX. Over the nearly three decades since their inception, PLAST-AX now humbly stands strong as pioneering force in New Zealand’s waste management industry.In this interview, Jim Crawshaw catches up with Freddy Farquhar CEO of PLAST-AX and Bruce’s son to discuss how PLAST-AX’s vision for a circular economy, product stewardship, and their programs, and how, PLAST-AX as rotomoulders approach their products in a truly sustainable way. 

This interview unpacks 4 major ideas:

  1. Sustainability and Why Plastic Need Not Be A Dirty Word: The discussion showcases how PLAST-AX has embraced sustainability as a core value in their rotomoulding process.
  2. Best Practices: PLAST-AX shares its experiences and best practices in prioritising recyclability, minimising waste, and implementing sustainable manufacturing processes.
  3. Understand the Importance of Branding: The conversation unpacks the significance of branding in fostering trust, customer engagement, and promoting sustainability initiatives and how effective branding can enhance a rotomoulder’s environmental stewardship efforts.
  4. Explore Opportunities for Innovation: PLAST-AX’s approach to product design, material selection, and recycling practices.