Centro experience benefits of ENHANCE

Centro experience benefits of ENHANCE

Centro, Inc is a leading custom rotational moulding company based in Iowa, in the United States, that provides products and services to a wide range of industries across the globe. They needed a safe, durable and versatile surface enhancer to improve the performance and appearance of their rotomoulded parts and looked to PSI Brand for the solution.


ENHANCE Surface Enhancer

As leaders in the rotational moulding industry for the past two decades, a question we get asked a lot is “is there a safe water-based zero odour product that will enhance the appearance and performance of my rotomoulded parts?”


The demand for such a product was so high that we decided to take matters into our own hands and develop the answer ourselves.


PSI Brand’s ENHANCE is a revolutionary surface enhancer that improves the finish and durability of all kinds of rotationally moulded products and provides a safe and reliable alternative to other surface enhancers. It allows materials to mould perfectly around inserts and helps to significantly reduce defects such as pin holing and bridging. What’s more, it’s super easy to apply using a conventional air-spray gun.


How to apply using a spray gun

Decant the liquid ENHANCE surface enhancer into an pneumatic air-spray gun, then spray the product sparingly onto your mould from approximately 30cm away, using smooth, brush-like strokes to create a light, even coat. ENHANCE will appear milky white upon application but will turn clear as it cures. PSI has a ‘how-to’ video for your convenience.


Centro, Inc use surface enhancer ENHANCE by PSI Brand

Our brand of ENHANCE surface enhancer has proven a huge hit with our Iowan client Centro, Inc, and they now use it to enhance many of their own rotationally moulded products. Here’s what Jerry Wille, Business Process Leader at Centro, Inc, had to say.


“For us, ENHANCE has proved to be a very valuable product!”


“We were able to utilize it as a safe & effective alternative in several different applications and with multiple material types.”


“This helped us keep mold caps released AND provided equal, if not better, fill in the molded in threads. Back spraying over molded-in-graphics provided very favorable results as did the utilization of this, on hard to fill tight geometrical surfaces.”


“There was a minimal learning curve with this product as it performed quite well right from the start and we now have a VERY safe, non-aerosol product, we are able to utilize across several areas of our business. I absolutely will order again and am also encouraging its use within and across our entire corporation”.


Where can I buy in bulk?

We love your enthusiasm! ENHANCE surface enhancer comes in both 5L liquid packs supplied directly from us at PSI Brand or one of our global distributors. To order, inquire about pricing or request a free sample, contact us today.


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