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How to Start a Branding Project for Roto Moulded Parts 

Starting up a new branding project requires great preparation. We would like to share the knowledge gained through the previous 20+ years of experience, and have prepared a guide broken into 5 essential sections 

In Section 1 – Product design and mold detail, we covered surface textures, product shape and thickness, brand positioning & purpose along with plastic types & molding processes. 

In Section 2 – We help you choose the correct graphic type to best suit your branding project.  

Read further to learn more graphic design artwork here in Section 3.

Good luck on your project!

SECTION 4: Testing & Validation

Test Samples 

Standard samples are readily available and are consider a ‘must’ before any production cycle. PSI Brand’s policy is ‘try-before-you-buy’ and supported by their ‘full refund or replacement guarantee’, which means there is little or no risk by the consumer. Custom samples are available at little cost, and strongly recommended for any prototype work. 


Indicative costs 

Let us first ask the question, what is the cost of no branding? No brand = opportunity for lost sales. 

There are many variables that influence the cost and can be summarized as following; 1. Graphic type, 2. Quantity required 3. Colours and 4. dimensions. To submit your specifics, please go to to obtain no-obligation pricing within 24-hours. 


Example Price: In-mold graphic, 1000 units, 3 colours, 100x50mm (4”x 2”)   

= USD$ 0.99 per unit. 


Additional costs to consider where applicable include shipping, tools required, one-time setup costs and any mold or adhesive cleaners. 


Validate results 

Validation is based on alignment of you and your customer’s expectations, along with what your supplier has promised. Be sure to ask for customer sign-off based on the prototype and/or graphic proof supplied. Is this process repeatable, are you team on-board, do you need further samples to prove this real-time, are all questions to consider before going to production. 

In Summary

Testing and validation is a not-to-missed step, to ensure your production stage is well set up for success. We hope you found this section useful, read on in Section 5, production and process.

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