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SECTION 5: Production process

Lead times

PSI Brand offer lead times of 15-20 working days (Mon-Fri) or 7-10 days if you choose our popular RUSH Service for a small premium. Refer to supply proposal for indicative costs.

Testing for consistency

Set aside several good parts to test your graphics on or, use scrap parts. Record data on Test Form for each graphic and/or part to such as molding time, part-temperature at pre- and post-heat records along with ‘quality check’ results such as adhesion testing. Repeat best process when the desired result is accomplished and create a standard operating procedure for each part.

Tools & training

Ensure you have all necessary tools required prior to testing, rather than scrambling to find these during the test. If you are unsure what you need, refer to sample guides, or contact an available technician for help. PSI Brand offer 24-hour assistance, using online platforms to help trouble-shoot towards success. They also offer a 24/7 training portal, FREE access to all operators, featuring useful tutorials and videos of all aspects of the plastics decoration process, plus a series of multi choice questions to test your knowledge. Once you have passed the multi choice test, you are officially PSI Certified.

Tips & tricks

PSI Brand recommend visiting their webpage which is constantly being updated with new information including informational and training webinars, how-to videos, eBooks, product data sheets and customer FAQs.

Technical Support

Use the live-chat function on the website and go to worldwide contact to connect directly with your closest technical sales rep. Live-support is offered by via video-call to help you trouble-shoot towards success.



The PSI Process



Information provided from you

PSI Brand

Information provided to you

STEP 1 – Product Design – Product drawing, info about material, mold surface, brand design, end-application, etc. – Any prior recommendations
STEP 2 – Graphic Development

– Preliminary artwork

– Material selection

– Order quantities per month/year

– Number of colours

– Number of designs i.e., models in set

– Delivery location i.e., molder

– Supply recommendation
STEP 3 –  Artwork Design

– Vector artwork

– Corrections or approval of proof

– PDF proof for prior approval
STEP 4 –  Graphic Testing  & Validation

– Graphic selection & number of test units

– Customer details for account

– Test results

– Sample order confirmation
STEP 5 –  Production

– Proof approval & test graphics

– Order

– Production order confirmation

– Production of graphics according to order

– Shipping of graphics

Graphic Gallery 


We would be delighted to share over 40 years of plastics and branding knowledge with you. We thoroughly cover graphic related topic in webinars, ‘how-to’ videos, and training portal all available online at our website





Get Certified

Trouble Shooting



In Summary

We hope you found this guide to the production process useful in maximising your branding opportunities. Please download the complete design guide using the button below and share this with your team.