Frequently Asked Questions


Which file format do we have to supply artwork in?

For quoting, a picture .jpg or .tiff is fine. For printing we prefer original ?vectored? artwork supplied in one of the following file formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr or .pdf.

Are permanent graphics worth enquiring into?

The other alternative is traditional vinyl stickers which not only fade and chip, but also peel from the plastic surface and disappear! If you wish to establish long lasting brand and product recognition, which as you would know is very important in today?s climate, our systems will prove invaluable to you time after time, year in year out!

Where do I start, I don?t have any artwork?

Let us design your graphic. Email or fax a picture and one of our graphic artists can redraw this for you.

Do you have an agent or representative near us?

Contact our head office for your nearest representative.

What about freight?

We use international couriers for efficient, on-time delivery. As prices are very competitive, we will quote your order freight inclusive unless otherwise specified.

Do the graphics resist chemicals?

PSI Brand graphics are supplied pre-coated with clear coatings which make them virtually impervious to chemicals!

Are small, custom runs available?

Absolutely. Our system allows for small or custom runs to be produced economically.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it replace the need for release agent?

No, however can be used along with release agents. This product is designed specifically for removal of surface pin-holing in rotational moulded plastic products, promoting better material flow to intricate areas such as voids, threads and inserts.

Some surface enhancers are known as carcinogenic, is yours?

Definitely not. Contact us for a MSDS to confirm.

Is it flammable?

This water based product is non-flammable which makes it a safe product to use around open flame.

We have problems with spray nozzles blocking in some aerosols therefore waste part of the can; it your any different?

Very different. Being a water based product it will solidify but not harden and block the nozzle. To achieve consistent spray pattern simply scrape solidified ENHANCE from nozzle and spray into trash until consistent spray pattern is achieved prior to application.

Frequently Asked Questions

GAR (Graphic Adhesive Remover)

What is life expectancy of the graphics?

They are designed to last as long as your product!

Are they suitable for marine applications?

Absolutely, we would recommend our INMOULD graphics for maximum longevity.

What limits do you have with colour?

We haven?t found this yet! Our system even allows for 4 colour process printing. This allows us to reproduce a photo image into a graphic if required.

Do your graphics work on hot moulds?

Certainly. The INMOULD graphics can be applied to virtually any mould temperature; from cold to very hot (approx 100?C or 212?F).

What is the storage life of your graphics?


Do you have standard graphics available?

See our Standard Graphics Catalogue, displaying a vast range of pre-designed graphics requiring no set up cost.

Will your graphics fade?

We tried. We subjected our graphics to 2500 hour test in a QUV Weatherometer and the colours showed no appreciable colour change or deterioration. Proven!

Can you supply serial numbers or barcodes?

Yes, and you can expect these to be sharp and bright not like other inferior print processes.

How much do they cost?

This is determined by the graphic type, quantity, colours and dimensions. Apply for a quick quote.

If I ordered today, how soon would you supply?

Our standard lead time 3-4 weeks. If this is not soon enough – negotiate a rush order lead time with us.

Would I or my staff be able to apply the graphics?

The graphics are simple and easy to apply with minimal skills required which can be easily passed on to any operator. Request samples to trial on your own moulds and products.

Where is it typically used?

On moulds used for plastic rotational moulding.

Does your water-based product work as well as solvent based products?

Some customer claim it works even better! Less is more when using ENHANCE as only a light coating is required to achieve optimum results.

Is it competitive?

If used correctly, very. Further saving can be gained by purchasing ENHNACE in bulk liquid form and apply using an air-spray gun.

Can ENHANCE be used with INMOULD Graphics and if so, when should this be applied?

Certainly. This is a useful tip to prevent graphic erosion in large mouldings such as water tanks. Apply to reverse side of graphic once moulded. Note of caution: Only a thin layer is required. Too heavier coating may alter in-mould properties and result in partly moulded graphic.

Will ENHANCE build up in the mould and require cleaning?

This depends on the mould type, surface, condition and area coated, however any residue would be minimal. We recommend applying a light coat to mould surface every cycle for optimum results.

Where can I get this from?

Direct from PSI Brand. Contact us and we?ll explain how our distribution method works for you.

Where should I use GAR?

On all INMOULD graphics featuring our standard adhesive.

Can I use other spirits or solvents or do I HAVE to buy your product?

Contact us to confirm what cleaner you?re using. Note of caution some volatiles will prove detrimental to the life of your graphic. We recommend GAR to ensure maximum graphic longevity.

Is it cost effective?

Very. When using our recommended cleaning method only a small amount is required.

Where can I get this from?

Direct from PSI Brand. Contact us and we?ll explain how our distribution method works for you.