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PSI Brand, New Zealand’s leading innovators in permanent graphic systems for plastic, is proud to be launching a certification program, designed to help you and your team brand plastics with confidence. You’ll learn all about our revolutionary INMOULD and POSTMOULD peel and stick graphic solutions that are literally making their mark on rotational moulded products across the globe.

Our certification process has been specifically developed to enable any new or existing plastic craftsman to achieve brilliant results in their plastic branding projects, and offer a 100% quality guarantee. It can be accessed through our brand new training portal from a convenient location on the home page of our website, which provides twenty-four hour access to a range of tutorials and quizzes to build and test your knowledge.

Plastic Branding Designed From A Rotational Moulder Perspective

PSI Brand plastic decoration and graphics systems are designed specifically for the rotational moulding industry, on the back of PSI Brand CEO Steve Crawshaw’s own experience as a rotational molder. Based on a deep understanding of the limitations and requirements of the manufacturing process, Steve identified the need to develop a simple and scalable system that would allow graphics to adhere permanently to polyethylene.

PSI Brand then came up with the revolutionary “peel and stick” method that has since grown in popularity and expanded from its small-town Hawkes Bay origin to experience international success.

Learning How To Apply Graphics

As a leader in permanent graphic systems for plastics, the PSI Brand team has developed an innovative three step training system for plastic craftsmen of all backgrounds and levels of experience to learn our graphic branding process. If you’re wanting to advance and develop your skills in plastics decoration, this could be the course – or apprenticeship, as one customer has described it – that’s perfect for you.

You’ll gain access to a consistent and comprehensive online training portal that’s been purposefully designed to train and upskill operators in the revolutionary PSI Brand INMOULD and POSTMOULD systems, ensuring brilliant results that will set your company apart from its competitors. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend an in-person training class to achieve the very highest standards of plastic branding craftsmanship.

The PSI Brand training portal and certification program promises to instill user confidence in our systems and build upon the knowledge and expertise of its operators, through a professionally developed three step training process. The three steps are outlined as follows;

Step One: Get PSI Certified

The first step in the PSI Brand certification process is to get PSI Certified! This involves logging into our online portal, watching a range of tutorials that cover all aspects of the plastics decoration process, and then answering a series of multi choice questions to test your knowledge. Once you’ve passed the multi choice test, you’ll officially be PSI Certified.

Step Two: Become PSI Approved

Once you’ve become PSI Certified, the natural progression is to become PSI Approved. This involves submitting a video to the portal which depicts your plastic branding process, to ensure that it meets our quality assurance requirements. Once your video has been accepted by our team, you’ll be PSI Approved.

To ensure our quality standards are being consistently upheld, we prefer to work with accredited partners that confidently use our branding methods, and can demonstrate this by becoming PSI Approved. For this reason, becoming PSI Approved is hugely beneficial for both you and your company, as our PSI Approved operators are not only listed on our website as such, but are also our first choice of reference to end users and original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs.

Step Three: Attend a PSI Masterclass

The final step in the PSI training process, and the true badge of honour, is to become a PSI Master. To gain this title, you’ll be required to attend one of our in-person Masterclasses. This is a face-to-face training session, allowing you to cement your skills at the highest level and demonstrate a full understanding of the PSI Brand systems and processes. In a PSI Masterclass, we cover both steps for becoming PSI Certified and PSI Approved as mentioned above. Once you’ve attended a PSI Masterclass, you’ll be a fully fledged PSI Master!

Accessing Our Training Portal

If the PSI Brand certification process sounds like it would be a good fit for you or your team of plastic craftsmen, register for access to our training portal today by filling out this form. We look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a PSI Master!