FREE Online Training Portal for Graphics

FREE Online Training Portal for Graphics

The PSI Brand ‘Get Certified’ program is finally here… Get online and get your team certified!

Conveniently located on our home page, this new portal provides 24 hour access to a program… Or apprenticeship as one customer described, designed specifically for plastics craftsman wishing to advance and develop their skills in plastics decoration.

The major benefit in this program, is to gain access to a consistent training portal, used to upskill and train operators, ensuring brilliant results that set your company apart.

As a leader in permanent graphic systems for plastics, PSI Brand have developed this program specifically to install user confidence in our systems through the 3-step training process as following:

Step 1 -PSI Certified. Go online to the portal or sign up, once you’re in, watch the tutorials and answer the multi choice questions to get PSI Certified.

Step 2 – Once you are Certified, the natural progression is to become PSI Approved. The major benefit for your company is that, not only are you listed on our website, but also first choice of reference to end-users and OEMs. What we’re saying is we prefer to work with accredited partners that confidently use our branding methods.

Step 3 – The true badge of honour is to become a PSI Master. To gain this title you must attend one of our Masterclasses. This is a face-to-face training session to cement your skills at the highest level. In a Masterclass we cover both steps for PSI Certified and PSI Approved as mentioned above.

So if you’re super keen, fill out the form and let’s get you started…