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Get Certified Program

Certified Process

Step One:

PSI Certified

Log into portal, watch tutorial and videos of all aspects of the plastics decoration process, answer a series of multi choice questions to test your knowledge. Once you have passed the multi choice test, you are officially PSI Certified.

Step Two:

PSI Approved

We prefer and promote accredited partners that confidently use our branding methods. To become approved, this involves submitting a video of your plastic branding process, to ensure that it meets our quality assurance requirements and become PSI Approved

Step Three:

PSI Masterclass

The true badge of honour is to become a PSI Master. To gain this title, attend a face-to-face training session, to cement your skills at the highest level and demonstrate a full understanding of the PSI Brand systems and processes. Attend PSI Masterclass for success!

Accredited Partners

Mission Kayaks
Promax Plastics
Vision Plastics
Stallion Plastics
Advantage Plastics
RX Plastics
Performance Products Ltd
TT Plastics
Mouldings Unlimited
Portstar Plastics LTD
AR Moulding
Tokoroa Engineering
Kiwi Tanks