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Toby Huff, USA Sales, PSI Brand

Once again PSI Brand break down barriers between rotomolders and their branding, taking plastic branding technology ‘live’ at Rotoplas 2021 International Rotational Molding Exposition in Chicago, September 20-23, 2021. PSI invest strongly in these events as they believe staying up to date with market challenges is a key step to delivering maximum benefit to our customers.  

ARM provided an excellent venue, packed with industry leaders, like-minded enthusiasts, and fantastic presentations, including artificial intelligence! So how does AI relate to rotomolding? 

We understand Industry 4.0 is at the forefront of modern manufacturing, and in a market that is experiencing rapid growth it makes sense to grow your brand to the next level, taking your production processes along with it and understanding how to track plastic products. On-point, Toby Huff presented real-time, tangible steps rotomoulders can take to implement track & trace, starting with manual processes in serialisation right through to PSID™, our trade-marked electronic tracking system incorporating RFID.  

This presentation covered major factors which directly benefit rotational moulding currently which included. 

– Serial Numbering – applying an effective serial number system for quick and efficient identification of products

– Barcoding – scan ability provides a higher level of control, not only through the moulding process, but also for connecting to ERP systems

– QR Codes – these can be dual-use, take your customer direct to a website tutorial and use as a next-level serial numbering system

– RFID – a ‘radio frequency identification’ allowing moulders and end-users to read and store data, providing a robust tracking system better position you to respond to your customers’ problems.


These technologies are being used by 1000’s of applications, so gained significant attention, read more in the blog here.

The new stuff didn’t stop here… 

Launching RotoFlow® WB surface enhancer

A podium finishPSI is all about making great products exceptional and ENHANCE does exactly this! What is ENHANCE and RotoFlow® WB? In short it is both. PSI partnered with surface-coating and mold release-agent experts, Stoner Incto develop the first water-based aerosol surface enhancer. 

Apart from removing pinholes in plastic surfaces, enhancing formation around inserts through improving material flow, the top advantages of RotoFlow® are: 

– Reduces Waste 
– Reduces Waste
– Improves ROI
– Safe and Environmentally Friendly
– Easy to Use
– New Water-Based Formula

Larry Whittemore, Global Product Manager, Stoner Inc.

Please talk to our team of experts today or contact Larry Whittemore direct.  

Rotoplas is a greatest place to network, and PSI doubled their efforts through non-other than their staunch brand ambassador…. 

Title earnt… Terry Gillian has been affiliated with PSI Brand for over 15 years since their entry into USA in the early 2000’s and has stood to brag-the-brand right up to now. Paladin Sales boasts its own stellar services such as the super-simple and easy-to-use EZ Logger, timesaving Mold Jacks and process enhancing RotoLoad powder dispensing systems.  Paladin’s purpose is to identify needs and problems of rotational molders and find efficient, reliable solutions has earnt him the official ‘Brand Ambassador’ title for PSI Brand. 

Talk to Terry about your pains today to get some real gains from-the-horses-mouth (or Paladin style) 

Terrance Gillian, Paladin Sales, LLC

No pain, no gain… with its roots in rotomolding, PSI Brand understands the tough demands of this game and appreciates no-one rotomolder is the same. This said, PSI have identified a trend of ‘pains’ found when molders seek to achieve consistent branding methods. This is summarised in our 10-point ‘pains & gains’ survey sheet, select your typical rotomolder pains and we will revert with some tangible actions you can make, resulting in instant ‘gains’ achieved through using PSI Brand permanent branding systems for plastics.

TIP: If you select more than 3 ‘pains’ in this survey we believe we can help significantly, so don’t delay, take the survey today.