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The Automation, Robotization and Monitoring of the Rotational Molding Process


Walter Bonazzi, our EU Sales Manager at PSI Brand, recently took the stage at the world’s biggest rotomolding exhibition, ARMO, held in Poznan, Poland. His focus was on the cutting-edge topics of automation, rotobotization, and the monitoring of rotational molding processes. With a profound passion for bridging the gap between products and customers.

In the 15 minute presentation below Walter dives into the amazing opportunities available to rotomolders, explores proven strategies, and uncovers the use cases for implementing barcodes, serial numbers, RFID, and QR codes in the rotational molding process, and how all of this brings products closer to customers whilst creating real-world efficiencies for both brands and manufacturers alike!

Walter Bonazzi's Presentation

Slideshow from The Getting Connected Presentation

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