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Here at PSI Brand, we stand by our mantra: “Branding for Keeps, Easy!” It’s this commitment to simplicity that lead us to create a quick series of tips and tricks videos. Our goal here? To equip our customers with the best tips and tricks for seamlessly applying our range of graphics.

Just like our application videos, these bite-sized videos are packed with some great little tips when it comes to graphic application. So whether you and your team are just getting started (welcome!) or a seasoned graphic application pros seeking to even further refine your graphic application process and cull excess time and cost, our videos are tailored to guarantee success.

We value your input. Your feedback drives our content, so if there’s a tip or trick your team have picked up along the way you’d love to share when it comes to applying graphics please drop us a line below.

INMOULD Tips and Tricks

Explore our range of tips and tricks to guarantee the best application when it comes to applying your INMOULD graphics. 

HPD Tips and Tricks

Our HPD range of graphics are super-easy to apply, but here’s a few tips and tricks that might help ensure an even better result. 

POSTMOULD Tips and Tricks

This video details our tips and tricks for success when it comes to applying your POSTMOULD graphics.