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Type 5C – INMOULD X-Treme, clear-cut design


PSI Brand has revolutionised the branding of rotational moulding using in-mould graphics, with its range of INMOULD graphics for plastic. These quick and easy rotomoulding graphics are simply applied onto the interior surface of the mould, and become permanently embedded into the surface of your product during the moulding cycle. They’re our most popular product due to their incredibly simple application process.


INMOULD clear graphics feature a clear background, allowing the colour of your plastic part to show through the design. Similar to PSI Brand’s Type 1 INMOULD solid graphics, these graphics become fully fused into the product during the moulding cycle, and finish flush with the surface of the part. The application process, tools required, and overall design of the product is virtually the same as Type 1 INMOULD solid graphics, including the handy self-adhesive peel and stick graphic application system, and they come pre-supplied with application tape.

Application of INMOULD X-Treme Type 5C graphics

Step 1

Prior to the application of your INMOULD graphics, ensure that the mould surface is clean and free from powder particles and release agents. Roll back the white release paper from the graphic and application tape, exposing the pre-coated self-adhesive face of the graphic. Do not apply any additional adhesive to either the graphic or the mould.





Step 2

Holding the clear application tape by the ends, apply the graphic to the desired area of your mould. The INMOULD graphics can be applied to both hot and cold moulds, however warming the mould surface will assist in the application. In cold regions, we recommend that you do not preload your moulds with loads for the following day.







Step 3

Using a firm, rubber-faced roller, apply even pressure over the entire surface of the graphic and tape, to remove any air bubbles that may become trapped underneath the graphic.







Step 4

Peel back the clear application tape away from the graphic, and discard.








Step 5

Roll over the graphic once more using your roller, to ensure complete adhesion. Continue with your moulding cycle as usual, but avoid overcooking as this can cause the pigments to discolour.

In the case of large, open type products such as troughs and tanks that require large quantities of powder, you may need to reduce the rotation speed or apply the graphic to a recessed area in the mould.






Step 6

Once the moulding cycle is complete and you’ve removed your rotomoulded part from the mould, you can remove any glue residue from the mould surface and the cooled finished product with PSI Brand Graphic Adhesive Remover. Spray your adhesive remover over the residue and allow it to activate. Within ten to twenty seconds, the adhesive should start to globule. You can then scrape the adhesive away using a peeling motion with a hard plastic squeegee, wiping away any excess using an absorbent cloth. Avoid soaking cloth with solvent for cleaning as this will only smear the residue.


Store your unused graphics in a dry, dust free area, face down with pressure applied to keep them flat and avoid curling or damage.


Your INMOULD graphic is now permanently moulded to your plastic part, ready to stand up to anything you can throw at it. It features superior resistance to harmful UV rays, harsh outdoor environments, exposure to chemicals, surface abrasion, and many other demanding end user applications.

How-to training on application process

For further tips on the application of our INMOULD permanent branding system, we have a range of application videos that you may find helpful.


Additionally, we’ve launched an online training portal where you can learn all about our innovative graphic solutions and develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence through a professionally developed, three step training process. To get started, register for free on our website.


For any further questions or to request a quote, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Type 5C Spec Sheet Download

Type 5C Application Guide Download