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At PSI Brand, we’re all about creating solutions that stick – quite literally! While our claim to fame lies in our branding solutions that permanently fuse to plastic, there’s another standout in our collection that’s ready for the spotlight: our much-loved High Performance Decals.


Many of our customers have been championing these decals for years, finding success across a variety of surfaces, well beyond plastic. So we thought it was high time we spill the beans on our HPDs, revealing how they can effortlessly add flair and convenience to your branding toolkit. Also see stay tuned below as we challenge one of our graphics to the ultimate test – cutting it, flaming it, and jet blasting it, and see what happens!


High Performance Decals (HPD)

Making graphic application as simple as peel and stick!

Our High Performance Decals boast the most resilient vinyl, robust connections, and a formidable adhesive, making them an ideal fit for painted metal, fiberglass, galvanized surfaces, powder-coated materials, and, of course, plastics. In this video, we walks you through the incredible versatility of HPDs… right before we take on the challenge of trying to break one. Stay tuned for the demonstration! below and see what happens!


First up we scored the graphic 

Scoring the graphic allows us to assess its adhesion strength thoroughly. After applying a piece of tape with substantial pressure, you’ll see that no parts of the graphic lifted.


Then we flame tested the graphic

We then subjected the graphic to direct heat from a heat gun, and no matter how hard we tried, there was no bubbling, discoloration, or puckering. The graphic held its ground, showcasing its resilience under heat stress.


And after all that we gave the graphic a bath

It seemed only right that after all that abuse we gave the graphic a blast with a high pressure sprayer, still no movement and no lifting.