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Let’s take a look at some quick tips for the application of large PSI Brand INMOULD graphics, to help you brand your plastics big and with brilliance.

What is the correct application process for large self-adhesive INMOULD graphics?

Large INMOULD graphics can be applied quickly and easily using one of our PSI Brand application rollers. These will ensure that your INMOULD graphic is correctly and completely adhered to the mould surface, and are available in five standard sizes.

To apply your INMOULD graphic to your chosen product, graphic must be temporarily but adequately adhered to your mould surface using the application roller, rolling from one side to the other and from top to bottom. Once moulded, it is important to remove any residue using our ‘spray & scrape method.

Common INMOULD problems and how to prevent these

Two of the most common issues experienced during INMOULD graphic applications are the incorrect positioning of the graphic, and air bubbles that can appear beneath the surface causing a ‘crater-like’ appearance.

Incorrect positioning

To avoid incorrect positioning of your INMOULD graphics, simply apply a little water to the surface beforehand. By misting water onto the mould surface and then applying the graphic over the top, you’ll be able to move the graphic about and ensure the perfect positioning. You can experiment with varying amounts of water, or even add a drop of soap to the water to prolong and assist further with the graphic positioning.

Air bubbles

Our handy rollers and plastic squeegees are what to use to expel the trapped air bubbles from INMOULD graphic applications, as well as vinyl decals, and can be purchased from us directly.

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Where to find further INMOULD training for operators

For further tips on the application of our INMOULD and POSTMOULD graphic systems, we have a range of application videos that you may find helpful.


Additionally, we’ve launched an online training portal where you can learn all about our revolutionary graphic solutions and develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence through a professionally developed, three step training process. To get started, register for free on our website.


If you have any questions about our products and services, or you’re needing specific advice for your plastic branding requirements we’ll be more than happy to assist, please Contact Us Today.