MODULE 4: INMOULD X-Treme Graphics

MODULE 4: Type 5 & 5B – INMOULD X-Treme Graphics

Almost done… this is the X-Treme version of the PSI Certified program!

In this module we introduce PSI Brand’s X-Treme graphics, originally designed for the marine industry. We’ll guide you through the application and further educate you on the purpose and benefits of this product.

You know the drill… watch the video, read the resources and answer the multi-choice questions. Once you have submitted your work you will instantly see the result. Get your answers 100% correct to move onto the next Module or try again until you get it right.

Get started by watching the videos Below:

PSI Certification Videos


Type 5 – INMOULD X-Treme Graphic application


Type 5B – INMOULD X-Treme with PTAC

PSI Certification Resources

Application Guide – X-Treme Download PDF
Application Guide – PTAC Download PDF
INMOULD X-Treme TDS Download PDF

Module Four Questions

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