If you’ve been wondering how to elevate your corporate brand to help you stand out from the crowd, take a look at how PSI Brand worked with Kiel Industries and Nestle to create an eye-catching rendition of one of Australia’s most trusted and tasty drinks, Milo.


For Hunter Richardson, Manager of Kiel Industries, the opportunity to rotomould an impressive point-of-sale product for global food giant Nestle became a chance to collaborate with PSI Brand and utilise our revolutionary permanent graphic solutions to exceed his client’s expectations in an incredibly short timeframe.


Founded in 1989 by the Kiel family and based in Morwell in Victoria, Australia, Kiel Industries has become known as a prominent leader in the global rotational moulding industry. Renowned for offering economic, short production runs and competitive pricing on high volume manufacturing, they have the largest range of plastic pallets and custom-made plastic in the southern hemisphere.


Nestle approached Kiel Industries with the concept of creating a giant tin of its famous chocolate drink, Milo, for a sports competition, but with a tight timeframe that required quick thinking on Hunter’s part. Kiel Industries had to come up with an innovative design that would keep the product simple, yet impactful. The product would need to be distributed throughout the country in time for the drawing of the competition.


Knowing that customisation is possible with rotomoulded parts, working with PSI Brand was the obvious solution. Having received the marketing brief with a very short timeline, they had already developed a design for the iconic big green Milo bin, but needed permanent graphics of the highest quality to add branding and imagery to the product. Their requirement was for photo quality graphics, rather than simple lettering or monochromatic images, which meant that regular screen-printing wouldn’t be suitable.


Using PSI Brand’s INMOULD graphics system, Kiel Industries was able to add high definition graphics of sports balls, cricket stumps, lettering and, of course, the iconic Milo logo, to the giant bins, creating the perfect product for Nestle’s brief. Because our INMOULD graphics are so easy to apply using the innovative ‘peel and stick’ method, Kiel Industries was able to achieve a quick turnover, and the bins were distributed throughout the country in plenty of time.


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PSI Brand’s collaboration with Kiel industries is a great example of how rotational moulding using INMOULD graphics can be the perfect solution for a creative marketing brief. For more information on our INMOULD graphics system, take a look on our website