MooAid leaves a lasting impression

MooAid leaves a lasting impression

I must admit, it blew us away when we stumbled across this ageing plastic product, 20 years after its inception, especially in a demanding work-house known as ‘The Dairy Shed’!

Back in 1996 Stallion Plastics, owner at the time Steve Crawshaw, assisted MooAid Limited with the design and production of their unique medical locker for dairy sheds. A functional rotomoulded product designed to hold veterinary instruments and medication in the case of when ‘Daisy’ the cow might need that special bit of attention.

Since 1980, Stallion Plastics has become a renowned supplier of complex plastic products, especially in the agricultural sector, with an emphasis on innovation from which also stemmed the PSI Brand products.

Steve saw a strong need to brand his products, to not only gain market recognition but also add value to his custom clients such as MooAid. Frustrated with the existing branding methods available and striving for a simpler more user-friendly product, the PSI Brand graphic system was born.

Fast forward to 2016, up in beautiful Hauraki we sighted one of these classic lockers on the outside wall of Doug Smyth’s dairy shed, graphic intact! Despite the cleaning, abrasion, chemicals, UV, grime, mould (and the odd hoof from Daisy) we were still able to clearly distinguish the MooAid brand, along with the notable patent number (incidentally now extinct!).

If you’re looking for a durable, permanent branding system for roto-moulded plastic parts please talk to us. We know what it takes!


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