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Back in November 2019, the team at PSI Brand were honoured to be invited to join the VPLAS Technical Roadshow and provide a free Graphics Masterclass for the attendees.


VPLAS, or Vision Plastics, is a New Zealand company with a range of overseas partnerships, markets and customers that is committed to jointly developing the rotomoulding industry by providing an unsurpassed level of customer service, combined with quality products and continuous improvement, plus a dash of classic kiwi innovation. They hosted a technical roadshow in three strategic locations across New Zealand; Christchurch, Auckland and Palmerston North, to showcase different aspects of the rotomoulding process and provide an opportunity for rotomoulders, businesses and industry enthusiasts to connect.

PSI Brand were asked to host a series of complimentary, hands-on masterclasses in their graphics processes at each roadshow. These provided a live and interactive opportunity for both new and seasoned rotomoulders to learn more about each stage of the plastic graphics process, and gain tips on fine-tuning their skills.

In addition to PSI Brand’s popular NZ Graphics Masterclass sessions, roadshow attendees were able to partake in a range of other rotational moulder seminars and workshops, including a hands-on presentation about powder and materials from Vision Plastics, and a demonstration of the complete process on Mould Release Agents by Chemtrend.

The event was then wrapped up with an informative industry update from ARMA (Association of Rotational Moulders Australia) CEO Leisa Donlan, who had incredibly positive things to say about the Graphics Masterclasses held by PSI Brand during the roadshow.

Leisa exclaims;

“The feedback from the moulders that attended our recent events and, in particular, your Graphics Masterclass, has been incredibly positive. As you know, ARMA believes the addition of graphics to rotomoulded products can be an amazing opportunity to add value and profit, however, there has been a reluctance in some of the industry for some time to embrace them.  Your practical and hands-on training was an excellent way to introduce the industry to the ease of use and versatility of pre- and post-mould graphics and remove some of the ‘fear factor’!”



The attendees of the roadshow who participated in one of PSI Brand’s Graphics Masterclasses also had some brilliant feedback from the day. One of the attendees, Aaron Bannister of PRM, complimented further:

“PSI’s Masterclass is just what the industry needs, so thanks for the proactive approach. The major benefit for us was getting a consistent message for our whole team, received through the training, along with some great ‘ahah’ moments. I believe the Certification program is better than an apprenticeship as it’s so specific and practical. Well done PSI, keen to see more of this.”


Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, PSI Brand had scheduled a series of our highly successful Graphics Masterclasses throughout 2020 in a range of locations across the USA as part of our Get Certified program that’s been specifically designed to provide training for rotational moulders of all backgrounds and experience levels. Since our in-person sessions can no longer take place, we are now offering virtual Graphics Masterclasses via Zoom.

If you’d like to learn how to apply graphics to plastic products with confidence and promote your business by maximising your branding opportunities, you can register with our online PSI Portal today to learn how to get PSI Certified.



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