PodiTRAP Case Study


PodiTRAP Case Study

podiTRAP is a result of good ol’ kiwi ingenuity. Designed to capture pests in the backblocks and beyond.

After extensive trialing with the help of Metalform Ltd, an injected moulded “tunnel” design trap was perfected and ready for use.

However, a black plastic “part” doesn’t tell anyone all that much about the product. It was concluded that branding and safety labels were required to further enhance this breakthrough design.

“As PSI Brand had previously assisted Metalform Ltd with branding on their Tow & Fert sprayers, the choice was obvious to seek their expertise. Fact is nothing sticks to plastics so PSI were able to determine a suitable solution, they couldn’t have been more helpful with creating several small runs of custom samples of Hi-Tac Vinyl labels using UV screen printed inks designed to handle the rigor in the wild outdoors.”

Another great partnership formed!!!