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CUT Non-Chlorinated Cleaner/Degreaser


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Introducing CUT Non-Chlorinated Cleaner/Degreaser – your go-to solution for powerful, efficient, and environmentally-friendly industrial cleaning. Specially formulated without the use of trichloroethylene or methylene chloride, CUT is a fast-acting precision cleaner that excels in removing grease, oils, waxes, inks, tars, and silicone oils from various surfaces.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid Mold Release Dissolution: CUT non-chlorinated cleaner is engineered to swiftly dissolve and remove release agents from metal molds, making it an indispensable tool in the molding industry. Say goodbye to time-consuming cleaning processes as CUT streamlines mold release removal.
  2. Quick Evaporation, Residue-Free: Our advanced formula ensures that CUT evaporates rapidly, leaving surfaces dry and residue-free. This not only saves valuable production time but also enhances the overall cleanliness and efficiency of your equipment and tools.
  3. Versatile Applications: Whether you’re in the molding, fabrication, or general industrial sector, CUT non-chlorinated cleaner is your versatile solution. It effectively cleans and prepares molds, tools, machinery, metals, and equipment, making it an essential component of your maintenance routine.
  4. Moisture Displacement: In addition to its cleaning prowess, CUT serves as an excellent moisture displacer. It removes finger marks and displaces moisture, providing an extra layer of protection for your equipment against corrosion.
  5. Environmentally Conscious: CUT is committed to environmental responsibility. It is free from chlorinated compounds such as trichloroethylene and methylene chloride, making it a safer and greener choice for your workplace.

Make CUT Non-Chlorinated Cleaner/Degreaser a cornerstone in your industrial cleaning arsenal. Experience the power of a cleaner that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Enhance efficiency, prolong the life of your equipment, and contribute to a cleaner, safer working environment with CUT – where cutting-edge technology meets superior cleaning performance.

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