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One of the most common issues in rotational moulding is poor resin flow, which can affect both the appearance and the performance of your rotomoulded parts. At PSI Brand, we’ve developed a new surface enhancer for rotomoulded parts that’s designed specifically to target these issues and give you brilliant results on every cycle.

ENHANCE surface enhancer is a safe and versatile surface enhancer that improves the appearance and durability of your rotationally moulded products and provides more effective ways to mould around inserts by enhancing the flow of resin. It can also be used as a protective coating on the reverse side of PSI Brand INMOULD graphics, which is helpful to prevent erosion in larger mouldings.

ENHANCE is a reliable alternative to other surface enhancers, such as aerosols as it eliminates the risk of inconsistencies often caused by blocked nozzles resulting in waste. In addition, it’s safe, non-hazardous, and free of carcinogens.

At PSI Brand, we’re conscious of the impact we have on our planet, and have ensured that ENHANCE is produced in an environmentally friendly way, with minimal waste due to its economical bulk packaging, and the need for only a very small amount of product per application. It’s also odourless, non-flammable, and able to be diluted with water if necessary.


How to use ENHANCE

For best results, apply to your mould surface with a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius (86-104 Fahrenheit). A good time to apply ENHANCE to your mould is immediately after demoulding stage.

Spray the product sparingly onto your mould from a distance of approximately 30cm (12”), using smooth, brush-like strokes to create a light, even coat. ENHANCE will appear milky white upon application but will turn clear as it cures.

To ensure that the product cures correctly, apply sparingly and adhere to the recommended application temperature, as this will help to prevent streaks, stains and discolouration in your finished product, and ensure brilliant results every time.

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