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Silicone Mold Release – FG


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Introducing Silicone Mold Release – FG by Stoner, the epitome of precision and efficiency in thermoplastic molding. Whether you’re engaged in traditional sacrificial coatings or in need of semi-permanent mold release agents, Stoner stands as your trusted partner in enhancing production processes.

Our Silicone Mold Release – FG is formulated to meet the diverse needs of your thermoplastic molding operations. With Stoner’s commitment to excellence, we provide a range of formulations tailored to elevate your production efficiency:

  1. Silicone Formula: Our Silicone Mold Release – FG boasts a specialized silicone-based formulation, ensuring superior performance in releasing thermoplastics from molds. This formulation not only facilitates easy release but also imparts a smooth, flawless finish to your molded products.
  2. Versatility in Formulations: Stoner understands the unique requirements of various molding processes. Hence, we offer a diverse range of formulations including Non-silicone, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Semi-Permanent, Water-Based, and Solvent-Based options. This variety allows you to choose the perfect match for your specific application, ensuring optimal results every time.
  3. Enhanced Production Optimization: Silicone Mold Release – FG is designed to streamline your production processes, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency. Its advanced formulation minimizes mold fouling, extends the life of molds, and promotes a seamless demolding experience.
  4. Consistent Quality Assurance: Stoner takes pride in delivering products that consistently meet the highest standards. Our Silicone Mold Release – FG undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure reliability, stability, and performance, giving you the confidence to achieve consistent results in your molding operations.
  5. Ease of Application: Silicone Mold Release – FG is engineered for user-friendly application. Its easy spray or brush-on method ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your production goals.

Elevate your thermoplastic molding experience with Stoner’s Silicone Mold Release – FG. Trust in the expertise of a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for your molding challenges. Optimize your production processes, achieve superior results, and rely on Stoner as your go-to partner in molding success.

Stoner Molding E206 Mold Release for Injection Molding

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