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Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP®


Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP® will help you save time, money and improve part quality. ZIP-SLIP® is an excellent preventative maintenance product when applied to the parting line of the mold. ZIP-SLIP® will help eliminate unwanted build-up of resin on the parting line that can cause gaps, leaks, messes, increased equipment maintenance and clean up time. ZIP-SLIP® improves efficiencies by maintaining a tighter seal on the parting line, it helps eliminate pinholes, voids, and blowholes


Revolutionize Rotational Molding with Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP®

Unparalleled Mould Release Innovation

Enter a new realm of efficiency and precision in rotational molding with Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP®. Tailored explicitly for rotational molders, this cutting-edge mold release agent ensures seamless demolding while optimizing production processes.

Key Features:

🌟 Innovative Formulation: Engineered with precision for rotational molding operations, guaranteeing exceptional performance.

🌟 Seamless Release: Provides superior mold release, offering consistent and reliable results.

🌟 Reduced Residue: Minimizes build-up and sticking, reducing downtime for cleaning and maintenance.

🌟 Efficiency Enhancement: Facilitates effortless part removal, streamlining production workflows.

🌟 Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with an array of materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and more.

Why Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP®?

🔒 Dependability: Count on a proven solution for reliable and consistent mold release throughout production cycles.

🔒 Operational Efficiency: Boost productivity with smoother releases and minimized mold fouling.

🔒 Quality Assurance: Ensure top-tier finished products with minimized imperfections and sticking.

🔒 User-Friendly: Simple application and cleanup, ensuring ease in manufacturing operations.

Elevate your rotational molding operations with Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP® and witness a transformation in production standards.

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