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TraSys® 500 General Purpose High Temp Release


TraSys® 500 mold release coating is a translucent water-based dispersion for high heat and open flame rotational molding applications. When applied to a mold, it exhibits outstanding release or anti stick properties and has a very low coefficient of friction. It is clean, non oily, nonstaining, chemically inert, and can function in temperatures to 315°C (600°F) or higher


TraSys® 500 Water Based Mold Release Coating: Enhanced Mold Release Efficiency

Advanced Coating for Optimal Mold Release

Introducing TraSys® 500 Water Based Mold Release Coating, your premier solution for superior mold release efficiency. Specifically formulated for various industries, this innovative coating ensures impeccable mold release without compromising on surface quality.

Key Features:

🌟 Optimized Mold Release: Engineered for seamless and efficient mold release, guaranteeing exceptional results.

🌟 Water-Based Formula: Environmentally friendly and user-safe, minimizing environmental impact without sacrificing effectiveness.

🌟 Universal Application: Suitable for diverse mold surfaces and materials, offering versatility across industries.

🌟 Enhanced Efficiency: Facilitates quick and consistent release, reducing production time and improving workflow efficiency.

🌟 Residue-Free: Leaves surfaces clean and residue-free, preserving the integrity of molds.

Why Choose TraSys® 500 Water Based Mold Release Coating?

🔒 Reliability: Depend on proven performance for consistent and reliable mold release in various applications.

🔒 Eco-Friendly: Embrace an environmentally conscious option that maintains high effectiveness in mold release.

🔒 Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of mold surfaces and materials, ensuring widespread applicability.

🔒 Efficiency Boost: Streamline production processes with swift and residue-free mold release, improving overall productivity.

Experience unparalleled mold release efficiency with TraSys® 500 Water Based Mold Release Coating.

Ready to optimize your mold release process? Discover the superior performance and reliability of TraSys® 500 for exceptional mold release results!

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