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Urethane Mold Release


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Introducing our Urethane Mold Release – the ultimate solution for achieving seamless and efficient urethane molding processes. This specially formulated release agent and anti-stick lubricant have been meticulously designed to elevate your molding experience across various techniques, including injection, compression, transfer, vacuum form, pour cast, die cast, and extrusion molding.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Part Removal: Urethane Mold Release ensures fast and easy part removal, streamlining your production process and saving valuable time.
  2. Multiple Part Releases: With just one application, our mold release facilitates multiple part releases, maximizing the efficiency of your molding operations.
  3. Versatile Performance: Ideal for a wide range of molding processes, including cast elastomer molding, this release agent adapts to different techniques, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
  4. Enhanced Molding Efficiency: Experience improved molding efficiency, as the Urethane Mold Release optimizes the release of molded parts, contributing to smoother operations and increased productivity.
  5. Part Appearance Improvement: Achieve superior part appearance with reduced defects, giving your final products a polished and professional finish.
  6. Light Coating for Best Results: A light coating of our mold release is all it takes to achieve optimal results, providing a perfect balance for effective and efficient molding.
  7. Environmentally Friendly: Our Urethane Mold Release is free from trichloroethylene and methylene chloride, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly solution for your molding needs.

Upgrade your molding process with confidence using our Urethane Mold Release – the trusted choice for professionals seeking precision, reliability, and efficiency in every molding application.

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