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Welcome to PSI Brand, the home of brilliant permanent graphics for plastic, and leading innovators in the global rotational moulding industry.

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Let’s meet the team behind one of the rotational moulding industry’s most innovative solutions.


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Who is PSI Brand?

New Zealand born and bred, PSI Brand is a manufacturer and supplier of permanent INMOULD and POSTMOULD graphics for plastic manufacturers, fabricators, and original equipment manufacturers. Its permanent, indestructible and innovative ‘peel and stick’ graphic solutions are literally making their mark on rotationally moulded products across the globe.

How it started

PSI Brand was established in 1980 as a rotational moulding company, however they very quickly realised the need for a permanent graphics solution that would result in a product that was branded for its entire lifetime. The saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ had never rung truer for PSI Brand, as they spent the 1990s researching and developing that solution.

Many of the challenges faced by rotational moulders are caused by inadequate systems, such as engraved plates and inserts, that result in high reject rates and can waste a lot of time and resources. PSI Brand became determined to fix this, and before the turn of the millennium, they had developed and perfected a revolutionary new ‘peel and stick’ permanent graphic designed for use with moulded plastic. Their invention was so successful that by 2003, PSI Brand sold its rotational moulding arm and started to focus exclusively and entirely on providing the world with the best permanent graphics solution available, as well as developing complementary products that have made the entire system and process amazingly easy.


Let’s take a quick company tour and find out a bit more about PSI Brand’s innovative plastic branding process.

How are INMOULD graphics made?

The first step in any permanent graphics job at PSI Brand is for you to send us your art or graphic file with the design that you wish to have branded onto your moulded plastic products. The file format isn’t important – our highly trained and experienced team of graphic artists will convert any file type into the required format so that we can then create your permanent graphic.

Artwork and design process

First of all, we work on the design and artwork process. Our team of fully trained graphic artists will optimise the design for your requirements.

INMOULD print process

Next is the IMOULD print process. The electronic artwork is then transformed into a format that can support both screen and digital print processes. Full negatives are used to carefully prepare screens for printing, producing high quality DPI images using the same processes as those used in photo processing.


Our print process uses the finest industry pigments and clear coats available, not only to achieve colour brilliance but to promote an extended lifespan when your product is in use. We print onto INMOULD materials, and then apply an adhesive coating which ultimately complements the simple “peel and stick” application and can be used with any mould surface.

Finishing process

The finishing process is where your graphic really takes shape. With some designs such as Type 2 INMOULD Original, an application tape is provided to assist with the final application of your design to the mould surface. The graphics are then packaged, labelled and shipped via Courier to their final destination, in most instances the customers door.

Application process

Now comes the application of your graphic to the mould surface, using our easy “peel and stick” method. With graphic applied, simply fill mould with material and proceed with your moulding. Once the graphic has been applied to your product, you’ll be able to see how bright and vivid our INMOULD permanent graphics really are. Finally make sure to clean any adhesive residue from the graphic surface, to ensure maximum longevity and colour brilliance that will make your brand pop.

You can watch detailed videos of the application process here on our website.

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At PSI Brand, our goal is to provide simple, application friendly, permanent and aesthetically pleasing graphics for plastic products. We’ve set the standard for the longest lasting graphics, the shortest-lead times, the smallest minimum order quantities and easiest application, ensuring the best return on investment for our clients.


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