PSI Paint – permanent paint for plastics

PSI Paint – permanent paint for plastics

PSI Brand has provided yet again another user-friendly product through developing a permanent paint system for plastics, PSI Paint.

Paint products for polyethene plastics are already available through innovative companies like Lysis Technologies Ltd in the UK and PaintFlex in Japan, however, neither offer the benefits offered by PSI Paint.

Benefits of PSI Paint to the plastic industry.
PSI Paint not only enhances the surface of plastic products but also provides a unique opportunity to add colour to single-shot mouldings combined with several additional benefits. These benefits include:
– Water-based which means easy mixing and wash-up
– Non-hazardous which means no special storage requirements
– Dispersable dye system which penetrates the plastic surface layer
– Supplied in bulk 5L containers to minimise waste

Is PSI Paint better than a graphic?
PSI Paint does not replace graphics, it enhances them! Imagine spraying the back-side of your INMOULD graphics for specials effects. Another consideration is using stencils for common signs and signals as an alternative to graphics or rolling onto an embossed area or engraving in the mould to provide extra pop.

The application, in brief, can be described as following for best results:
– Ensure mould surface temperature is 30°C (86°F).  The surface should be clean, free from powder and foreign residues.
– Spray PSI Paint using even brush-type motion onto mould surface using a pneumatic air-spray gun
– A second coat is recommended for increased opacity, allowing to touch dry between coats
– Proceed with material loading when dry to touch, visibly the paint dries from a gloss to a matte finish, and continue with mould cycle

A residue may remain on mould surface after each cycle but remember this can be easily washed off with water or cleaning solvent. PSI Paint can be used on any mould surface, any release agents and requires no special mould surface preparation.

Currently available in 4 standard colours, independently QUV tested and approved to ensure longevity; Black, Red, Blue and Yellow supplied with a FREE 250ml air-spray gun with your first 5L.

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