PSID – RFID for plastics

PSID – RFID for plastics

PSI Brand has incorporated RFID technology into their INMOULD Original graphic system, replacing traditional labelling and spin-welding methods thus providing a cost-effective and permanent tracking method for plastics, PSID.

In recent years, radio frequency identification (RFID), a means of identifying objects via a wireless communications protocol using radio waves has become more commonplace. You may already be making wireless payments using your credit or debit card purchases, using a keyless entry card in your workplace, paying highway tolls via a communications device mounted in your car, also at times, you may have experienced the uninvited theft-prevention alarm triggered when retail stores forget to remove or disarm the hidden RFID tag.

Benefits of PSID to the plastic industry.
PSID has the capability to both greatly enhance and protect the lives of consumers of plastic products and revolutionize the way companies do business. These benefits include:
– Ability to identify the source of products, enabling intelligent recall of defective or dangerous items, such as tainted foods, defective toys, or compromised medication
– Easy monitoring of items with expiration dates
– Greater visibility into the supply chain, which means a more efficient distribution channel and a reduced cost of doing business
– Less business revenue lost to theft or inaccurate accounting of goods
– Increased civilian security through better cargo monitoring at ports

Why is PSID better than a barcode?
PSID has numerous advantages over the barcode or serial numbers, these include:
– Line-of-sight reading not required
– Greater depth of serialization
– Many tags may be read simultaneously
– Features 512 bits of user memory with the ability to update and protect information such as date of manufacture, service history etc
– Unique serial numbers make product authentication possible
– Permanently moulded into plastic parts with your chosen design

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