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uuRotational Moulding has been evolving and because of its recent innovations, it is gaining popularity in different industries opening its doors to new niche markets. Rotomoulded products are commonly used in agriculture, construction, etc. but now we see other industries use them such as in automotive and sporting markets too. As rotomoulded products continue to evolve, the role of branding graphics has also become more essential, especially in helping these products stand out amidst their constant innovations. Here are some roto moulding innovations and graphic solutions you should know about.


Transporting Water Made Easier

One of the latest plastic innovations is the LC1 Water Bike, a bicycle designed by Clandestine Design Group –

Australia to help isolated African communities transport water easier.

A problem in many African isolated communities is transportation of water from communal wells to residential homes. Through LC1 Water Bike, a small person may be able to transport 15 to 30 liters of water by simply filling the rotomolded plastic in their bike with water. This innovation showed rotomolded plastic’s diversity capabilities.

Another rotomolding company offering innovative, sustainable water transportation vehicle is Hippo Roller.

Hippo roller is a device used to carry clean water more easily and efficiently. It consists of a roto molded barrel-shaped container which holds the water and can roll along the ground, and a handle attached to the axis of the barrel. Hippo roller can carry 25 liters of water.

It is a high-impact, high-value solution to companies for their CSR projects as this is a great marketing opportunity for them to increase brand exposure and gain positive reputation. It’s also a great partnership with reliable NGOs offering complete project integration and tax incentives. Find out more information here.


Sustainable Rotomoulded Plastics

The rotomolding industry has been witnessing a demand for sustainable products which is why rotomolding companies have integrated innovations into their products to meet these environmental responsibilities.

Some created products that are made with biodegradable resins and bioderivative materials while others developed recycling programs for rotomolded products.

Rotomoulded plastics were used in the world’s largest ocean cleanup project titled “The Ocean Clean Up Project”. In this project, theThe system consists of a long floater that sits at the surface of the water and skirt that hangs beneath it, then the floaters are taken back to shore to be recycled, making the process sustainable.

The Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia (ARMA) is one of the organisations who support sustainability in the rotomolding industry. The ARMA Environmental Group is working hard to promote recycled materials to meet their ambitious goal, 3600T of recycled material used by 2025 in Australia and NZ. PSI Brand partnered with ARMA to promote their environmental goals. Check out more information here.


Innovated Graphics Solutions

Branding graphics play an important role in roto moulding products as it helps set their products apart from competitors. Overall, branding graphics gives that extra ‘oomph’ factor to innovated roto moulded plastics.

PSI Brand has produced an easy peel application system that truly sets new boundaries featuring fully transparent PE composition boasting extra abrasion and flame-resistant capabilities. It is designed to last a lifetime which benefits innovated rotomolded products. Find out more about it here.

These innovations show rotomolding industry as flexible and creative, opening itself to different markets and gradually making an impact on people’s daily lives through its sustainability efforts.In your own little way, you can contribute to sustainability! Check out Recycle4Roto Program and choose which R4R kit works best for you.