Rotomould 2019 Conference & Trade Expo

Rotomould 2019 Conference & Trade Expo

Thanks to the ARMA organisers we gained the opportunity to sponsor the Rotomould 2019 Conference & Trade Expo in Brisbane Australia, 23-25 June 2019.

The event was truly stellar, while the plastics industry is being challenged globally, over 140 attendees again proved that networking with industry leaders led to discover new market opportunities and leave us all motivated to move forward with confidence.

It’s was all about sharing success and Jim Crawshaw’s 15min presentation, ‘How To Brand Plastics With Confidence‘, was based on a recent customer visit who stated, “You’ve gotta share this with others’.

We covered branding basics and demonstrate best practice on ‘how to’ brand and decorate rotationally moulded plastic products, helping you stand-out in an ever increasingly crowded market place. Using actual products, graphics, tools and equipment, this interactive presentation was designed to instil confidence into attendees. We structured it this way because as our customer stated simply, “If you’re using graphics it’s gotta work”!


For more about our graphic training and Certification program go to Get Certified

As shown in the presentation, see the full version of the ZEDDY Video courtesy of GYRO Plastics