Simply the best lead times

Simply the best lead times



Ever hear “get it done faster” Of course, it’s everyday language in manufacturing… it’s all about shorter lead times and really what excuse has a supplier got?

Reducing lead time isn’t about capacity. What lead time does is deliver the request sooner to whoever needs something done. Why that matters depends on the request, but here is a fact that might startle you. Studies have shown that the first proposal or product sample received, is 80% more likely to get chosen. It wasn’t cost or quality or value; it was ‘being first’.

How do you reduce lead-time? It’s not by working faster… we’d like to share some key strategies:

  1. Work in parallel. If work is done in parallel instead of in series, work isn’t lessened but is completed sooner. When graphic setups are beginning at PSI Brand the printers are already preparing their sheets to print first colour, it gets their print to press sooner. Most efforts in production are solved in this way.
  2. Eliminate handoffs Every handoff is an immediate chance for delay or error. Work stops and must be transferred before it begins again. Worse, the next resource is not immediately ready to begin so the work waits in the queue. Removing excess people or workstations from the process eliminates handoffs.
  3. Compress the work. Getting the work done in less time without working faster is often the hardest. Technology is often a solution here, whether it is buying faster equipment in manufacturing or developing software tools for the office. Think outside the square, what you are doing now will inevitably be done much faster in 10 years time, who is going to invent the improvement?


That’s why PSI Brand hold lead-time dearly in our customer priorities. Although the customer might never express their lead time requirement directly, communication and committal to dates are regarded as essential.


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