Snyder Industries, LLC add vibrancy to fish bins

Snyder Industries, LLC add vibrancy to fish bins

Great effort Snyder Industries, LLC. Storage solutions experts for over 50 years, Dana Goheen of Snyder delighted their client, Norton Sound Seafood, by custom branding their PB1000 Insulated Fishing Box.

These boxes will be used on small fish boats that gill-net. Once the fish come on board the fish are put into the PB1000 which are filled with slush ice until they can make it back to the processor, where they’re processed into salmon fillets.

While their logo demanded sharp, vibrant, 4-colour process imagery, achieved through half-tones, PSI were able to meet the challenge and delivered in the form of POSTMOULD graphics, designed to weather the typical harsh conditions these bins are exposed to.

…so thanks again Dana and the team at Snyder Industries, LLC.

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