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PSI Brand were thrilled with the success of their collaboration with Snyder Industries in creating and applying high quality graphics for fish bins, as requested by a seafood company based in Alaska.


Snyder Industries, LLC is a leading storage solution expert that specialises in the design and manufacturing of durable plastic parts. Having been in the industry for more than five decades, they have clients across a wide range of industries, and provide high quality designed plastic products for use within the storage, transportation and logistics industries, as well as durable goods for agriculture, mining, and pharmaceutical purposes.


When Snyder Industries’ client, Norton Sound Seafood, required photo quality graphics to be applied to a range of their PB1000 Insulated Fishing Box products, Purchasing Manager Dana Goheen knew it was a job that called for PSI Brand’s revolutionary POSTMOULD graphic system.


Graphics for extreme climates

The fish boxes were to be used on small fishing boats that utilise gill-net technology to catch their fish, meaning that the fish would then be put into the ice slush-filled PB1000 bins to keep them cold until they return to the processor, where they are then processed into salmon fillets. In other words, these fish bins would need to be able to withstand extremely harsh conditions, and any graphics applied would need to be highly resistant to adverse climates. Additionally, the logo that Norton Sound Seafood requested to be displayed on their products required a sharp, vibrant, four colour process achieved through half tones.


With all of these requirements in mind, PSI Brand was able to rise to the challenge and delivered a high quality and incredibly durable branding solution in the form of our POSTMOULD graphics system, which has been specifically designed to weather the typical harsh conditions that these bins would be exposed to.


As demonstrated by Snyder Industries’ successful product delivery and a very happy end client, PSI Brand can confidently take on any permanent plastic branding project that requires graphics for extreme climates. For more information on our range of high definition graphic print solutions or graphics for fish bins that can withstand the harshest of environments, contact us today.