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How long lasting would you expect a rotationally moulded plastic product with graphic branding to be when left outdoors in the harsh climate of Southland, New Zealand?


Back in the 1990s, one of New Zealand’s most notable rotational moulding companies – Stallion Plastics – developed a series of rotomoulded spray tanks known as Spot Sprayer units. The Spot Sprayer was designed for New Zealand farmers as a chunky but simple noxious weed sprayer that could be mounted onto farm bikes. This niche project proved a welcome opportunity for Stallion Plastics to fit into a market gap during their quiet season.


Naturally, the Spot Sprayer would be constantly exposed to noxious weed killers and require a high level of chemical resistance, as well as resistance against abrasion, harsh UV, heavy duty cleaning, mud splatters and wear and tear while out in the field. Stallion Plastics’ high quality rotomoulding process proved the best fit for the job.


Established in 1980 in Palmerston North, Stallion Plastics has been a renowned supplier of complex plastic parts and a leader in rotational moulding for agricultural products, with clients in 20 different countries. Before PSI Brand was established by Steve Crawshaw in 2003, Steve was the owner and operator of Stallion Plastics, and his innovative approach was a key influence behind the inception of PSI Brand’s iconic permanent graphics systems.

Steve has always been a ‘brand man’, claiming that “without a logo on your products, it’s very difficult to add value or gain recognition”. Frustrated with the existing plastic branding methods at the time and having a strong desire to develop an easy ‘peel and stick’ system, he created the innovative PSI Brand INMOULD Original graphic system. Developing high quality permanent graphics for outdoor plastics in projects such as the Spot Sprayer would prove instrumental in Stallion Plastic’s efforts to build brand awareness for agriculture.

Fast forward to 2018 – while travelling through the outskirts of Edendale, a small town in Southland, New Zealand, we spotted one of the classic Spot Sprayers on the back of Simone Bouwmeester’s farm bike, with its graphics still intact! Despite more than two decades of exposure to the harsh Southland elements, and many years’ worth of UV, chemicals and general wear and tear, we could still clearly distinguish the Spot Sprayer brand and litre level graphics.

At PSI Brand, we know what it takes to permanently brand rotomoulded plastics with durable, vibrant and long-lasting graphics. To discuss your permanent plastic branding and rotomoulded customisation needs, please Contact Us Today.