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PSI Brand is a division of Polymer Systems International Ltd.

Latest News

ENHANCE Application

  One of the most common issues in rotational moulding is poor resin flow, which can affect both the appearance and the performance of your rotomoulded parts. At PSI Brand, we’ve developed a new surface enhancer for rotomoulded parts that’s designed specifically...

Large POSTMOULD Graphic Quick Tip

  If you’ve ever wondered how to apply POSTMOULD graphics using a heat transfer process, you’re in the right place. At PSI Brand, we’re experts on mould-on graphics for large applications, and we’ve created this short summary to help you find quick tips for...

Milo Testimonial

If you’ve been wondering how to elevate your corporate brand to help you stand out from the crowd, take a look at how PSI Brand worked with Kiel Industries and Nestle to create an eye-catching rendition of one of Australia’s most trusted and tasty drinks, Milo.  ...

Large INMOULD Quick Tip

Let’s take a look at some quick tips for the application of large PSI Brand INMOULD graphics, to help you brand your plastics big and with brilliance. What is the correct application process for large self-adhesive INMOULD graphics? Large INMOULD graphics can be...

INMOULD Clear Background Quick Tip

See our Quick Tip for applying INMOULD Clear background.   See also INMOULD Original

Aquayak Case Study

Aquayak is an Australian kayak manufacturer based in Campbellfield, Victoria that supplies kayaks and accessories to sporting and recreation stores across the country. They’ve chosen PSI Brand as their supplier of permanent graphics, to help their brand stand out in...

Adhesive Cleaning Quick Tip

So you’ve learned how to peel and stick our range of revolutionary INMOULD graphics for rotational moulding systems, but what about getting rid of the adhesive residue that’s often left behind?   Read on for our easy step-by-step ‘spray & scrape’ process to...

INMOULD X-Treme Teaser

Constantly pushing the limits PSI Brand are proud to launch a new strain of permanent branding; INMOULD X-TREME?. combining all the benefits of the popular ‘easy-peel’ application system they have developed something that truly sets new boundaries featuring fully...

PSI Brand – Live Tour

Welcome to PSI Brand, the home of brilliant permanent graphics for plastic, and leading innovators in the global rotational moulding industry. Company profile Let’s meet the team behind one of the rotational moulding industry’s most innovative solutions.    ...

Simply the best lead times

Lead time is a company’s ability to deliver a request within a specified timeframe. Naturally, the shorter your lead time, the better for business – so it’s common in manufacturing to feel constantly pressured to reduce your lead time, or ‘get things done faster’....