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It’s no secret that the recent COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way that businesses around the world are operating. Many of the effects of this global crisis are likely to be around for quite a while longer. A prime example of this is social distancing, which has heavily impacted how we interact with our clients and customers, as well as each other. For most businesses, social distancing has now become the new ‘normal’ and is here to stay for the foreseeable future.


At PSI Brand, we’re not exactly a ‘stand-in-line’ type of business, but we can definitely appreciate the need for other companies to maintain a safe social distance between customers in their brick and mortar locations, in order to meet government mandated safety requirements and prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Social Distancing Rules

One of the most common ways to maintain social distance requirements in queues and throughout retail establishments is by using floor stickers for foot traffic and queue guidance. These floor decals can be stuck to almost any surface and can be designed in line with your business’s unique brand and colour scheme. Since the breakout of the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown, many businesses have found that controlling adherence of staff and the general public to the various social distancing rules put in place by local governments is greatly improved with the use of signage and print products.


While PSI Brand primarily focuses on producing permanent graphics for plastics, we were more than happy to expand our print and signage repertoire when Martyn Currie of Shelving Shop Group presented us with the opportunity to help our community in its time of need.



Shelving Shop Group

Shelving Shop Group is New Zealand’s leading provider of shelving solutions, and just like us, has its roots in the heart of the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. Martyn, a Sales Manager at Shelving Shop Group, approached PSI Brand to assist with the supply of floor decal stickers, which would help local businesses adhere to the government’s latest social distancing requirements and enable them to get up and running again, to try and minimise the devastating financial impact of the lockdown period.


Martyn’s message to local businesses is clear. “Don’t let your brand suffer through tough times,” he advises. “Up until now, it’s true that all of us have been in coping mode. Now is the time to tidy up your space, rip those scraggy pieces of tape off the floor and replace them with some good-looking floor decals to reinforce social distancing in a classy way.”


At PSI Brand, we have dedicated what print capabilities, resource and manufacturing capacity we can on both our high-definition digital-flatbed UV and screen print lines to ensure prompt supply of high quality social distancing floor decals for businesses during these times of need. The designs include catchy one-way aisle flow arrows and social distancing queue circles, both perfect for any business that welcomes customers into its physical location. Images of the decals in use, as well as the design and manufacturing processes, are below.


To inquire about COVID-19 floor signage for your business, contact Shelving Shop Group or PSI Brand direct for your customized needs.


Together, we will come out of this stronger.