Surface Enhancer for Rotational Moulding

ENHANCE Water Based Surface Enhancer is designed specifically
for removal of surface pin-holing on rotationally moulded plastic products,
promoting material flow to intricate areas such as voids, threads and around inserts.

PSI Brand
Surface Enhancer

ENHANCE is fast becoming a popular choice with our customers mainly due to its effectiveness, safe and non-hazardous properties.


Features of Surface Enhancer

  • Health. Zero odors and non-carcinogenic.
  • Safety. Non-flammable and dilutes with a water.
  • Eco Friendly. Less means more, only a thin coat is required.
  • Reliable. No chance of inconsistencies due to blocked nozzles.

Supplied in 5L packs or 300ml aerosol cans for your convenience.


Case Study

adds value to Centro, Inc.

Jerry Wille of Centro Inc proved PSI Brand ENHANCE to add-value to their companies through its safe yet effective properties.