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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the key to long-term success lies in transforming traditional branding and quality control strategies, ultimately driving business growth, while emphasizing the importance of adaptability and staying ahead of the curve for maintaining a competitive edge and fostering business development. One perfect example for this is what COERCO did in reshaping the landscape of branding and quality control, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive market and achieve long-term growth. Let’s dive in to how COERCO’s case study and discover how branding can help contribute in business growth.

COERCO, an esteemed Australian supplier of polyethylene products, has been a key player in the liquid and dry storage tank industry since 1993. With a manufacturing facility located in Western Australia, they are no strangers to the challenges posed by demanding environmental conditions. In their pursuit of excellence and a vision to be a supplier of choice, COERCO recognized the crucial role of branding in ensuring high-quality products that can withstand the test of time. This is where PSI Brand stepped in to help COERCO elevate their branding game and enhance their overall product quality.

The Problem: Reducing Reject Rates and Boosting Operator Confidence

COERCO’s General Manager, Adam Jackson, identified a significant challenge within their manufacturing process. High reject rates were plaguing the production line, and much of this could be attributed to the lack of training and confidence in using graphics for branding their products. Over the years, the company had experimented with various methods of branding their plastic products, each coming with its own set of challenges. However, in-mould and post-mould graphics had proven to be the most durable, capable of lasting for the life of their products.

Adam’s request was clear and reasonable: reduce reject rates, enhance operator confidence, and improve overall product quality. The challenge was to devise a comprehensive training system for their 18-strong team that would ensure the best results.

The Solution: PSI Brand’s Graphics Masterclass™

COERCO turned to PSI Brand for a solution that would not only address their branding needs but also empower their team. PSI Brand’s permanent graphic system was an attractive choice, supported by a specialized training program known as the ‘Get Certified’ scheme, designed for plastic manufacturers to learn ‘how to brand plastics with confidence.’

To kickstart this transformation, COERCO partnered with PSI Brand to deliver a ‘PSI Brand Graphics Masterclass™’ via ZOOM. This masterclass comprised two training sessions, each lasting two hours, and was conducted for the entire COERCO team. This hands-on training ensured that every member of the team was equipped with the knowledge and confidence to use the new graphic systems effectively.

In addition to the masterclass, PSI Brand created a custom video and complimentary ‘standard operating procedure’ based on the Type 2 INMOULD Original graphic construction. This resource served as a quick reference guide for COERCO’s team members, both new and experienced, to maintain consistency and excellence in their branding efforts.


Achieving Significant Improvements

Six months after implementing PSI Brand’s Graphics Masterclass and their permanent graphic system, COERCO was delighted with the results. They observed a remarkable reduction in reject rates, improved product quality, and notably, an increase in operator confidence. This transformation not only enhanced their branding but also contributed to their overall success.

COERCO’s case study is a testament to the power of branding and effective training in achieving higher quality and operational efficiency. It underscores the importance of partnering with experts like PSI Brand to meet the challenges of the manufacturing industry head-on. If you’re facing similar challenges or are looking to elevate your branding and product quality, consider exploring PSI Brand’s ‘Get Certified’ scheme today. Reach out to PSI Brand, and see how they can help you and your team transform your processes and enhance your products.