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In the world of injection molding, every detail matters. From the design of your mold to the selection of materials, each element plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process. Often times though it’s easy to overlook the mold release agent. In this article, we unpack why mold release is so crucially importnat for injection molders and how it ensures smooth and efficient production processes, guaranteed to boost your bottom line. Here’s 3 points to consider when choosing your injection mold release agents:


reduce downtime

Smoother Operations

At the heart of injection molding lies the mold, the cornerstone of the injection molding process. Mold release agents act as the lubricant that facilitates the seamless ejection of the molded part from the mold cavity. Without proper release, parts can stick to the mold, leading to production delays, damaged molds, and compromised product quality. Mold release agents ensure that operations run smoothly, minimising your downtime and maximising your productivity.

Prolong Your Investment

Molds represent a significant investment for injection molders, with your mold designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures while maintaining precise tolerances. Mold release agents play a vital role in preserving the integrity of these molds by reducing friction and preventing wear and tear. By creating a protective barrier between the mold and the part, release agents help extend the lifespan of molds, ultimately saving costs for you as a molder.

save molds
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Boost Satisfaction

Just like life in general, in the world of injection molding, consistency is key. Mold release agents contribute to the production of high-quality parts by ensuring uniformity and precision. By preventing sticking and minimising defects such as surface blemishes and flash, release agents help maintain the integrity of the molded parts. This consistency translates to more satisfied customers and helps further build your reputation as an injection molder.

Get Started Risk-Free

Here at PSI Brand we recommnend Stoner as an injection molding release agent. Having developed their first ever mold release back in 1948, the company today boasts an incredibly wide range of products all backed by their same commitment to quality, now supported by their ISO 9001 certification for quality management. 

To get started we’re also offering you the chance to try our molding release agents completely risk-free, because if you’re ever dissatisfied with any Stoner product, simply return the unused portion for a full refund. That’s our risk-free guarantee to you!

what we recommend

The Do It Right Starter Kits – a great place to start!

The Do It Right Starter Kits are a no-risk way of trialling the Stoner Injection Molding Range and includes the following products:

  • E206: The # 1 selling Silicone mold release
  • E408 Dry Film Mold Release: Ideal for rubber, plastics and composites
  • E302 Rocket Release: Paintable, Food Grade release
  • E342 Zero Stick: Hi-Temp Paintable, Food Grade release