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Webinar Series

Getting Connected | Best Track & Trace Methods for Rotational Moulding

Co-Presented by Toby Huff & Jim Crawshaw.

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What’s Covered: 

  • Benefits of Product Track & Trace for Rotomoulding
  • ‘How to’ Implement Proven Methods
  • Serial Numbers, Bar Codes, QR Codes & RFID
  • Shared Case Studies

Our Webinars are designed to inspire, inform and educate on ‘how-to’ brand plastics with confidence. Now more than ever, amidst a global pandemic, your brand should not be neglected. We are here to help increase your profits and provide you with a competitive edge that outsmarts your competition. Sign up today for our monthly webinars.


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What’s included in the Webinars?

Graphic application hacks and other application tips

Find out what works for others like you – sharing their secrets to success

Live Demonstrations – yep real people, real molds, real time…

Webinar Recordings

Track & Trace Webinar 2021
Graphics Application Hacks 2021
Webinar #3 – Perfecting your post-mold offering
Webinar #2 – Perfecting your in-mold offering

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