Zeddy is an Agritech company based in Manawatu, New Zealand, that specialises in producing ‘smart’ meal feeders for livestock, so that farmers know what each and every animal is consuming at any time. Each feeder monitors the meal consumption and automatically distributes feed per animal using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, allowing the farmer to control both nutrition and livestock growth, ensuring better herds.


A 200kg portion of the Zeddy 1250 feeder is roto-moulded out of plastic for durability purposes, but when the team wanted to optimise their branding opportunities by adding decals to the plastic surface, they encountered an unusual problem – the decals were just too tasty for the cows to resist!


“No matter what we tried, the cows just seemed to want to lick the decals until they peeled off, so our brand looked shabby in no time,” Steve Chalmers from Zeddy explains.


Steve turned to a local plastic engineering company, GYRO Plastics, who mould their hoppers, to discuss an alternative and more permanent branding solution. Originally based in Wellington but now located in Fielding, GYRO made its first plastic moulded product way back in 1968, and since then has become known as one of New Zealand’s leading plastic manufacturers.


Owner Trudi Duncan and the team at GYRO typically offered mould surface engravings or plaques, but Steve was looking for something with more ‘pop’, to ensure that their iconic purple feeder screamed their brand. Understandably, they were apprehensive about the idea of permanent graphics, since they had virtually no experience in using this technology, and risking 200kg of material is a big ask!


After learning about PSI Brand’s reputation for manufacturing and supplying high quality graphics for outdoors, Steve agreed to purchase a small sample order, followed by a promise from PSI to provide onsite training to benefit both GYRO and Zeddy.


“During this visit, Jim from PSI was able to demonstrate the process and instill confidence in our team, who went on to apply the Zeddy graphic on the new mould with success,” explains Trudi. “The process is simple!”


Steve and the GYRO team were equally satisfied. “We are really happy with the result,” he says.


As they prepare to enter another season of smart feeders, Zeddy is thrilled that they now have a real alternative for branding their plastics with confidence, thanks to the team at GYRO and support from PSI Brand. And even though PSI Brand’s permanent graphics aren’t quite as flavoursome as the decals they used to enjoy, the cows are also happy to have vibrant and durable feeders that will last for many more years!


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