Christopher Williams from
Blastacars Drift Karts (NZ) LTD had a problem

The fibreglass wings and spoilers for their world class karts were getting damaged and the red paint finish scratched and worn from extreme daily use, not at all complimentary to their brand. With a global view they realized they needed a more robust solution


At first they contacted Rotational Plastics NZ Ltd in Auckland where Mike Hill created some plastic prototypes which met their specs, took the knocks and still looked nice and Red after several rounds of their Hamilton track.


aturally this was a winner for Chris who proceeded to ?sticker up? the karts with their logo and designs only to find that vinyl decals didn?t last as long on plastics as fibreglass, especially in this environment.

The Solution

INMOULD Graphics

Chris found out that Rotational Plastics use a permanent INMOULD graphic system from PSI Brand and enquired after a solution for his karts. PSI quickly provided a small run of actual samples for Mike to mould into the prototypes so the drift karts could again be put through their paces.

The application was challenging due to a curved surface on the mould however, PSI assisted Mike through this process ensuring consistent results to proceed with volume based production.

Chris exclaimed ‘The overall solution was great. Your graphics were all for a new fleet of karts for our first international track that we have opened in Malaysia, here are some pics of the karts and the track on location in Kuala Lumpur I took’