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COERCO Case Study


COERCO is a trusted Australian supplier of polyethylene products, supplying liquid and dry storage tanks since 1993. With a rotational moulding facility based in Western Australia they are well situated at the ‘coal face’ of hard-yaka, wear & tear climates that their product encounter.

With a vision to be a supplier of choice and consistent drive for high-quality products to fulfil their mission, providing Australia’s broadest range of engineered poly products that facilitate liquid and dry storage, PSI Brand were only too glad to assist with their premium branding requirements.

COERCO believe in changing the market to create opportunities and deliver world-class products. To do this, they understand the power of brand and how this tells a story about the consistency of everything they do. PSI Brand gets this, so let’s tell you more about how they made this become reality.

The Problem

COERCO’s General Manager, Adam Jackson, was becoming frustrated with the high level of rejects caused during the moulding process, he put largely down to the lack of training and confidence around use of graphics for branding their products.

They have adopted several methods of branding their plastic products over the years, each with its challenges, but in mould and post mould graphics have been proven to be the best at lasting for the life of their products.

Adam’s request was reasonable, they wanted to reduce reject rates, increase their operator’s confidence and improve product quality at the same time!

The challenge they faced as a company was how to train their 18 strong team with a new system to ensure the best result.

The Solution

COERCO was attracted to PSI Brand’s permanent graphic system as an easy-to-use option backed by a supplementary training process known as the ‘Get Certified’ scheme, tailored for plastic manufacturers to teach them ‘how to brand plastics confidence’.

Adam was able to rally his team while PSI Brand delivered a ‘PSI Brand Graphics Masterclass™’ via ZOOM, delivering two training sessions within 2 hours to the whole team, ensuring they were armed with confidence and ready to use their new graphic systems to maximum value.

To further set COERCO up for success, PSI built a customised video and complimentary ‘standard operating procedure’, based on the Type 2 INMOULD Original graphic construction, that Adam and his team could quickly turn to for new team members and for long-term reference.  

In Summary

We followed up 6 months later to gain some feedback and COERCO was grateful to acknowledge that they have seen a significant improvement since the Graphics Masterclass and are very happy with the overall result.


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