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A POSTMOULD promise for life

Enmach Industries has manufactured smart, inventive storage and feeding solutions suitable for the harsh Australian environment for over 20 years.

With a conscious knowledge of the power of branding, they were constantly challenged when decorating their UV stabilised polyethylene products, using methods such as aerosol paint and stencils just didn’t look great.

 While they had a system that worked to some degree, the result was more than often not that great; logos were often smudged, featured overspray and fuzzy edges, altogether not a true representation of the brand this proud Australian company had built.


The Solution POSTMOULD Graphics

After attending a PSI Brand Presentation at Rotomould 2019, Jim specially visited their Bundaberg headquarters in North QLD and was able to quickly train their team on a process that would enable perfect, indelible results, every time… using heat-transfer POSTMOULD Graphics.

Using this system Enmach were able to go-forward with peace-of-mind that their products were permanently branded with clarity and punch, a true symbol of the strength of their brand.

“The post-mould graphics are going on well and look very sharp”, exclaims Jon Bowder, Director of Enmach.

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