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HARDI Brand Study, your crop care partner in Denmark

This brand study starts in 1957, when the HARDI company was established, based on an idea that came out of a need. Hartvig Jensen was a gardener and needed a quality sprayer, so he set about creating just that with an end goal to satisfy other end-users requirements with quality products. 

HARDI company expanded horticulturally and invested in large production facilities outside Copenhagen. The HARDI sprayers were soon retailed not only to Danish, but also European farmers, and the company continued to expand rapidly. 

Since the start, HARDI has been committed to the ever-increasing demands for efficient and precise crop protection, which has led to them to be a global leader, with a network of distributors in over 100 countries, where application of crop protection products is needed, enabling farmers to bring healthy food to our tables.  

HARDI continue to push the industry standard for development, innovation, and customer service which is what made PSI Brand a perfect partner on this brand journey. 


The Problem 

HARDI understand the power of brand and the plastic tanks on their trailed units offered a perfect bill-board opportunity. This however presented another challenge, by the fact that nothing sticks to plastics, due to the low energy surfaces offered, making decals and other print methods unstable, especially in the hash outdoors elements where HARDI products are typically used.  

Erik Christiansen, Graphic Designer in the Marketing Division, grew tired of the insufficient branding methods and turned to PSI Brand for a solution.  


The Solution 

PSI Brand assisted HARDI engineers to overcome the perceived difficulties associated with INMOULD graphics, featuring designs up to 1m in length, tank mouldings ranging to 9700L, which enabled their branding opportunity to become a reality.   

Now HARDI brand stands strong in the face of adversity such as harsh agri-chemicals, snow, mud, grit & ice followed by a jet-washer blast during Spring cleaning.  

Today HARDI utilise PSI Brand INMOULD graphics to permanently brand their rotomoulded tanks and is widely used throughout their trailed sprayer series; AEON Centuraline, Commander, Navigator and Ranger. 

In Summary

Why use INMOULD Graphics for Branding? 

PSI Brand INMOULD graphics are a brilliant way to create decals for plastic tanks and other rotationally moulded parts that are subject to harsh outdoors conditions, due to their robust yet flexible construction and long-lasting finish. They offer a high level of durability and are suitable for virtually any environment – plus, thanks to the innovative peel and stick application method, they’re incredibly easy to use! 

How to get your Branding started 

If you want to take your branding to the highest level and deliver a true brand experience on a global stage, let’s talk! 

As a rotomoulder, If you’re interested in learning more about PSI Brand’s revolutionary mould-in graphics for rotomoulded parts, take a look at our online training portal. Our training resources will help you develop the ability to brand plastics with confidence through a professionally developed, three step certification process. To get started, register for free on our website. 

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