HARDI INTERNATIONAL A/S is based in Norre Alslev, Denmark

The HARDI idea started in 1957, when Hartvig Jensen established the company. He was a gardener and needed a quality sprayer. After a few years the company expanded horticulturally and invested in large production facilities outside Copenhagen. The HARDI sprayers were soon retailed not only to Danish, but also European farmers, and the company expanded rapidly.


Today HARDI utilise PSI Brand Graphics to permanently brand their rotomoulded tanks as used in their NAVIGATOR Series. Erik Christiansen, Graphic Designer in the Marketing Division, grew tired of the insufficient branding methods such as vinyl decals and turned to PSI Brand for a solution. PSI Brand assisted HARDI engineers to overcome the perceived difficulties associated with graphics (size featured 1m x 30cm) and large mouldings which enabled this dream to become a reality. Now their product stands even higher with branding that withstands poetential chemical spillage and other outdoor rigors agricultural machinery are typically exposed to.

Point of difference

PSI Brand Graphics

NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design which supports functionality of the product. Two new top models in the NAVIGATOR line are providing 5000 and 6000 l water plus 5% extra capacity. The bigger tanks are supplemented by bigger booms from the exciting and well-proven HARDI boom range.